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Are you genuinely ready for a major improvement in your over all wellness?

Will you commit to Lifestyle changes that will give you the most healthy 'NOW' possible?

If you answered yes to both of the above, then we hope you will embrace the concepts behind "It's My Now"…because results accumulate, therefore TODAY matters.

One main principle of the ieatfit program is that you won't get sustained improvements if you can't or won't track both your food and your workouts. Financial advisers working with clients to improve their financial situation have them write down and track everything they spend to create awareness; along with an accompanying strategy, this process creates the awareness needed to make ADJUSTMENTS in order to MAKE CHANGES that create the result one would be after--get out of debt and create wealth. In Sports, Coaches work with athletes by tracking times and performance in different situations and consider how to ADJUST and MAKE CHANGES for speed, agility, and sport effectiveness. When we started to track and remain accountable, we wrote down and reported to each other daily so we could ADJUST for the purpose of making positive changes. When you write down what you're eating and what your level of activity is, you become shockingly aware leaving no other option but dealing in honesty about the 'real' picture of your food/exercise habits. In this program you'll see how different foods and food combinations affect your BMA, your scale weight, your jeans fit, and energy levels.

Often times people will ask, "Why can't I just track it in an app?" And our answer is "If you can't see the entire picture of a day by looking at it with all of the relevant numbers (we call the BIG 5) written out, you will slowly quit entering the information because it doesn't mean as much." Additionally, when you hit a plateau, having access to review the details of days/weeks where you got results can provide a fast solution that gives you confidence. Sometimes, you gradually drift 'off course', and with a few tweaks you can quickly make changes that empower you and give you hope--- all from reviewing your OWN journal. An app may be initially 'easier', but it won't give you the history to re trace your own BIG 5 selections that work best on YOUR body! If you're only working to track calories in and activity out math, then an app will give you that information, but you will NEVER get the full picture with that limited perspective. "App people" argue this. And we're not going to argue! WE know what works, and as with any other process, tracking and accountability are the TWO critical components for long term success. So, are you ready? TWO simple steps to take--​

Step 1 is order the iEATfit journal and start tracking!

We believe our journal is the best one available! We designed and have edited it over a window of 4 years. It tracks a 90- day cycle (GREAT progress can be made in 90 intentional days). The opening pages have a section to take before pictures, starting measurements, and write out weight / health goals. It has weekly planning meal sheets, recipe conversion charts and a 90 day month at a glance to track consistent workout, sugar free days (you design the purpose). Your journal filled will have so much great information in it you will be surprised how often you go back to old ones and compare and analyze. We can follow our food and weight patterns through 4/12 years of journals and often refer back!

Step 2 is to get a buddy with whom you can be accountable.

The second strong principle unique to ieatfit program is that you need to remain accountable with another person daily for your choices— food and exercise. We call this an accountability buddy! The emphasis on Accountability is as important to your success as what you eat. Your current habits include a few 'private' cheats that you would NOT want to tell another person. To be successful with our program, you don't HAVE to have a buddy, but our success is LARGELY based on both Tracking AND Accountability, so we STRONGLY encourage you to GET A BUDDY. You and your buddy do NOT have to be in the same place physically. This isn’t a competition. This is a person of support. You don’t HAVE to know the person well or personally. BUT, there may be someone in your life who also has an interest in living a more healthy, fit lifestyle who also wants to lose weight and learn more about overall wellness.

Who IS a good buddy?

  • Someone you can relate to on a common ground level.
  • Someone you trust to keep your conversation (good and bad) private.
  • Someone who is readily available by text and email - who will communicate with you daily.
  • Someone who has similar goals.
  • Someone who will work as hard as you are willing to work.
  • Someone who can offer encouragement and cheer you on (even if her day wasn't as great).
  • Someone reliable - who you think will go the distance! Perhaps set an agreed upon initial amount of time to hit your weight/fitness goals so that you have an 'end' to the commitment before re-visiting an extended one.

You CAN change what you can measure and analyze! Are you ready to get STARTED?

  1. Get a journal!
  2. Grab a buddy!
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