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Raspberry Shake

This is sweet, filling and delicious! It has 25g protein and 4.5g fiber (from the raspberries!). There are MANY variations of this awesome shake, but this one is my daily staple.


1 scoop of Jay Robb vanilla whey ( or Kroger grocery store, organic aisle)
8-10 oz filtered water
½ T. flax oil (good fat that actually ‘moves’ fat!)
A titche of liquid stevia
½ c. Frozen Raspberries.

Protein 25g, Fiber 4.5g

Mocha Shake

Although there are SO many creative options for a great protein shake—- including peanut butter, frozen bananas, any kind of fruit (fresh or frozen), soy, water, or another combination, HERE is my FAVORITE mid-afternoon meal!


Jay Robb chocolate whey – 1 scoop
1/4 c. Soy Slender (chocolate)
3 oz h20
3 oz coffee (I use leftover from breakfast)
3/4 c. crushed ice
cinnamon to taste
Stevia (sweetener to taste)
1/2 t. organic 70%+ cocoa powder
BLEND— oh my goodness, THIS is a great pick me up and a GREAT protein surge and a DELICIOUS choice!
Totals: 145 calories/ 1.5 fat/ 28.5 protein/ 3.5 carbs/ 2 fiber

(If you want to add more fiber and a fruit blend, add 1/2 c. frozen raspberries and that will add 45/0/1/10/4.5 or a total of 190 calories/ 1.5 fat/ 29.5 protein/ 13.5 carbs/ 6.5 fiber)

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