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Get our JUMPSTART First Steps Checklist
when you order your  “iEatfit” journal to get started.



In this document you will get easy-to-follow steps that will put you on a healthy, weight-loss journey. We  STRONGLY know that 'TRACKING' is KEY to the success of your first 90-days (and lifetime wellness success as it comes to food selection).  This checklist was custom designed to address the questions: "What do you mean eat clean?"  "What should I do first?" Realizing, there are many weight management and nutrition plans out there, THIS journal and our experience is REAL GIRL living, from REAL LIFE experience!  Our Tracking Journal is compatible with ANY food plan you choose!  It is also equipped to GIVE you a nutrition plan.  We hope this checklist will answer ALL your questions, empower you with exactly what to do to get started, and that the Tracking Journal's design will guide you into 'what's next'.  Welcome to ITS MY NOW!

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